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The best sleep apps to help you get a good night’s kip

Struggle to fall asleep every evening or wake up tossing and turning night after night? We all struggle to get a really good night’s sleep sometimes, so next time you can’t drift off, why not reach for your phone, go to the app store and pick out a sleep app to help? Here’s our roundup of the top five.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock App

If you’ve ever felt sluggish after waking up to your alarm in the morning, it’s probably because you’ve been jolted out of a deep sleep phase. Sleep Cycle is a popular iPhone app that monitors your movements during sleep and then tracks your deep and shallow sleep periods. The clever app then adjusts your phone’s alarm clock - within a 30 minute time frame - to gently wake you up during a period of shallow sleep, helping you to wake up feeling super refreshed. It also produces easy to read graphs detailing how well you sleep each night. Sleep Bot for Android is also similar. Simply pop your phone under your pillow and voila, this app will do all the work for you!

White Noise App

The White Noise app generates a soothing audio soundscape to help lull you to sleep. The app comes with a variety of looped sounds, such as gentle winds, crackling camp fires and soothing ocean waves. You can also create your own customised sounds by mixing together the various noises available.

Long Deep Breathing App

Breathing has a huge impact on well-being, but because we all do it automatically, we’re often unaware of it. This app will teach you mindful breathing techniques that can help you control stress and enable you to relax and fall asleep naturally.

Insomnia Cure App

This app is packed with hours of audio content and 40 pages of insomnia tips and learning tools. The Insomnia Cure is the brainchild of internationally renowned hypnotherapist, Max Kirsten, and by following the app’s treatment program, you’ll learn how to solve the insomniac-attacks.

Sleep App

This app will send you to the land of nod with a mix of hundreds of soothing sounds, gentle lullabies, and hours of relaxing music. Designed to help you unwind and release the tensions of the day, the Sleep app is the perfect remedy for an overworked mind.