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5 Top Tips on making any small space feel instantly bigger!

If you’re unhappy with the size of your bedroom, or any room in your home, then don’t despair as there are a few things which you can do to make your space feel instantly bigger.

We spoke with a range of interior experts to gain their advice on making any small space feel bigger.

Keep reading to find out what they are…

1. Clever use of mirrors, light colours and wall art!


Mirrors are a simplistic way to make a space seem larger than it is, as the reflection in the mirror gives the illusion of there being more space. Walls painted in light colours and fresh wall art can also help to create an airy and more spacious feel.

Thomas O’Rourke from Decking Hero, provided some fantastic insight on making a small space feel bigger.

‘‘Utilise visual 'tricks' - mirrors are the obvious choice as they allow sunlight to bounce from one area of the room to the next, allowing the space to appear brighter and fuller.

Painting the walls in a light colour will also make the room appear to be bigger and brighter than it actually is, though this is not recommended if you have pets or young children for obvious reasons!

Introducing art on the wall can also help to create a sense of height and space - adding depth to the profile of a room.’’

2. Hang curtains/poles as high as possible.


    When it comes to curtains if you have a small space to play with then it could be wise to choose a more neutral colour so more light comes through and a lighter fabric.

    Additionally, Margherita Cesca Nelder-Haynes, Interior Designer, offers her advice on transforming a small space to make it feel bigger.  ‘‘Hang your curtains/poles as high as possible over the window to give the space a taller feeling.’’

    3. Add Interesting Shelving.


      Interesting shelving helps to give a small space character and style whilst also creating useful storage space.

      Bee Heinemann, Home Design Expert and Marketing Director of Vant Wall Panels says:

      ’Add High Shelving. Most people don’t think of using high areas in rooms.

      For example, a simple small shelf hung above the bathroom door is usually ample space for storing extra bath products or towels.

      Another good area is above closet doors inside closets. A strategically placed shelf can be hung over a book shelf or above the stove, sink, or refrigerator in your kitchen if there’s space.’’

      4. Choose low furniture.


        Low furniture is an on-trend way to make a room appear larger and to create a cosy and relaxed vibe – so perfect for the bedroom!

        Ben de Mot, Founder of iDoo and Interior Designer, offers some insight.

        ‘‘The lower the furniture is, the bigger the space will look. Think about Japanese interiors, everything tends to be low, and rooms look huge.’’

        Ben also discussed with us the importance of keeping a space clean and tidy and to ensure that there’s plenty of light coming into the space. Small spaces which are messy, unclean and dark will feel smaller than they are!

        5. Clever (almost hidden) storage solutions!


          When you have limited space you don’t want what little room you have be filled with draws and cupboards, taking up even more floor space. Choose furniture which also doubles up as a smart storage solution, such as a bed with hidden draws.

          Johnny Sacha, founder of Sueno, shares his thoughts on making a small space feel larger.

          ‘‘If you have a small bedroom but a lot of storage then it’s vital that you make the absolute most out of the little space which you may have.

          A good way to do this is to find clever storage solutions, such as our Modena Divan Base, which has handy draws underneath the bed – perfect for storing away clothing or bedding.’’

          Do you have any tips for making a small space feel bigger?

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