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Sueno offers custom size divan beds manufactured with the same quality materials & craftsmanship you receive with all the other divan beds we have on offer here at Sueno. Have you recently gone to a UK IKEA store and purchased a mattress thinking that it would be compatible with standard UK bed sizes only to find that your mattress at home is either too big or too small for your new IKEA mattress?

IKEA sells mattresses in the UK that are standard within EU countries, often referred to as continental bed sizes. This means that any IKEA double mattress does not match the exacting dimensions of a UK standard double mattress.

The scenario of continental/IKEA sizes versus standard UK sizes is not the only circumstance why you may be interested in custom size divan beds. There are occasions when the dimensions and requirements of a bedroom dictate a size of divan bed and mattress not easily facilitated by standard UK sizes. Normally, this would lead to a comprise on your interest however, with an custom size divan bed from Sueno, you are able to maximise available room space & flexible in creating your intended bedroom styling. Moreover you can benefit from all the comfort & quality aspects offered in our standard divan bed & mattress products.

If you're interested in our custom size divan bed all you need to do is contact our friendly sales staff where we can support you in defining and delivery to your specific requirements. You can also configure your divan bed online and buy. Easy, simple & fast...

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