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Frank Hudson Sale - EXTRA 10% OFF

There are the Sales where people pitch up tent and camp outside the shop just to make sure they’re first in line when the prices drop. Then there are those that never seem to end – we’re pretty sure everyone knows which retailer we’re talking about here. Then there’s our Frank Hudson Sale – which is (excuse the pun) quite literally worth getting out of bed for. Yep, we’re talking sales, and if you’re looking for a steal on a new bed – look no further.

For a limited time only, we’re giving our customers an EXTRA SAVING of 10% on all Frank Hudson orders over £1000 using FRANK10 at CHECKOUT. You don’t have to be a mathematician to work out that such a deal equates to a saving in the £100s. Not only does this extra 10% off mean that you’ll save big when you buy from Sueno, it also means you can rest assured you’ll be getting the best deal on Frank Hudson furniture anywhere out there online. Call us generous, call us customer-focussed! So what’s all the fuss about Frank Hudson furniture? Well, aside from the quality UK craftsmanship, hand-finished detailing, and the ability to add your own personal touches, Frank Hudson beds are unlike anything you’ll find in your average bed store. To help prove our point, we’ve pulled out three of the best -

The Frank Hudson Safari Bed

Elegant jet black, upholstered in leather – or crocodile leather if you want a truly authentic ‘safari’ finish - and carved by hand from solid rich mahogany; there’s no denying this bed is the business. Our price (which is already £1000 lower than the RRP) is £4999, but pick it up in the sale and you’ll get it for 10% cheaper.

Frank Hudson Safari Bed

Next up, we have the -  

Frank Hudson Vermont Bed

Sophisticated veneers, solid wood construction, and scroll top head and footends – the Frank Hudson Vermont bed is a classy bed if ever there was one. If it was a Hollywood actor, we’d say it was Meryl Streep – classic and multifaceted. It will look at home in both a contemporary and traditional setting, and there’s no denying the fact it will hog all the limelight (but we’ll let it off). In the Sueno Frank Hudson sale, you can bag this bed for just over £1619 – which includes a saving of just under £180.

Frank Hudson Vermont Bed

Then there’s the –

Frank Hudson Chesterfield Bed (

This bed’s superb if you’re looking for a bed which allows you to have a hand in creating the finishing look. No, we don’t mean you’ll be getting a lesson in woodwork – but you can choose the fabric finish to your Frank Hudson Chesterfield bed. Go Gothic with plush red velvet, or keep it classic and minimalist with distressed tan leather. There’s a great choice of fine fabrics to choose from so you can add your own personal stamp to your dream bed. Extra detailing includes hand-carved feet, and sumptuous padding on the bedhead for real all-round comfort. You’ll save just shy of £350 when you treat yourself to this beautiful Frank Hudson bed in the Sueno sale.

Frank Hudson Chesterfield Bed

So, now you’ve got the lowdown on exactly why Frank Hudson beds are so highly sought after, don’t you think it’s time you ditched your old bed in favour of an A-list model?