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Ottomans go to war against ‘STUFF’

Hands up who’s got too much stuff?! Oh come on, we’re all guilty of it. Clothes we daren’t part with even though they’re now (sigh) two sizes too small, keepsakes that remind you of a certain time and place but aren’t actually that pleasant to look at, or letters from the time people actually sent letters (when was that? 1997?). We accumulate ‘stuff’ at a rate of knots, so it’s great when a product comes along that’s both hugely useful

Stanhope Upholstered Bed v. Brahms upholstered Bed

At Sueno, we’re used to testing out the most luxurious beds on the market whether it be our own or one of our suppliers’ newest beds. If you visited us at Sueno HQ, you would probably find us lounging around on beds, tweaking & refining so that our customers, for instance, find our upholstered headboards super-luxurious to sit against. That’s just one example & all in the name of research. Honest! So when we were asked to put two of

Technology effects sleeping patterns

It’s official: Technology effects our sleeping patterns*
* if you are not using a Healthopaedic Mattress from Sueno that is!
The Study:

Computer, mobile phone or TV usage before bedtime can have an adverse affect on the way an individual falls asleep.

The National Sleep Federation’s Sleep in America poll found that 95% of participants used electronics before going to bed. Study task force member Charles Czeisler, Ph.D., M.D. said: “Artificial light exposure between dusk and the time we go to bed

French Beds

Sueno’s French Beds collection exudes glamour & decadence. We have teamed up with illustrious designers Frank Hudson to bring you a stunning range of beautiful hand-carved & hand-painted beds symbolizing French craftsmanship and design.
Our Finest French-style Bed
Lilly Wooden Bed Frame
Type of Wood: Mahogany

The Lilly Wooden Bed Frame is exclusive to SUENO. Have a look at the product images, the Lilly Wooden Bed exudes French elegance, style and design. The bed has been hand-carved from the finest mahogany, hand-painted and distressed

Monarch 3000 Mattress – Our FINEST

The http://www.sueno.co.uk/healthopaedic-pocket-3000-mattress manufactured by Sleeping Comfort is for someone who wants something truly special. It is our finest mattress.

It merges all that is good with modern technology and combines it with traditional bed-making innovation. It uses the revolutionary Air Suspension 3000 spring unit which is designed to adjust and provide optimum support for all body weights, types ad lengths. The spring system is topped in layers of hand teased premium quality cashmere, silk, lambs wool and cotton . Skilled craftsmen