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Our Cure for the World Cup Hangover


The FIFA World Cup. For some it’s been a chance to enjoy six glorious weeks of near non-stop football, while for others it’s been more of a, shall we say, task to endure. Either way, the World Cup is over, Germany are triumphant and there’s no denying it will be another four long years until it’s back on our screens again.

That’s good news for the England team – plenty of time to brush up

Kaydian Beds v. Frank Hudson Beds – Deathmatch!!!

Ding ding! Let battle commence: Kaydian v. Frank Hudson
The Sueno office has been split into two camps. Heads are turned to avoid eye contact. Doors aren’t left open for the other person to walk through. N one has put anything in the communal sweet jar for at least a week (we’re dying for a Fruit Salad!). Things are getting bad, and we need your help to settle the score.

Which furniture brand gets your vote – Kaydian or Frank Hudson? Yes,


What do Dame Judi Dench, Stephen Fry and Cheryl Cole all have in common? They’re British – just like each and every one of our products at Sueno. Beds, mattresses, furniture – you name it, if we sell it, it’s British and proud.

At Sueno we firmly believe that British-made products are the best. Having been in the bedding industry since 1975, it’s fair to say our independent family-run business has seen brands and trends

Sleeping Comfort from Sueno

A recent article on the wires –

“Sleep is a physical activity needed by our bodies. It is where we get the energy for our everyday tasks at home, at work, and moreover, everything that we do. Sleeping is better achieved if we have a very comfortable sleeping environment. That comfort, warmth and support can be found through a new retailer to the UK market. Sueno has rapidly become one of the leading product & brand distributors of bedroom furniture online.

French Beds

Sueno’s French Beds collection exudes glamour & decadence. We have teamed up with illustrious designers Frank Hudson to bring you a stunning range of beautiful hand-carved & hand-painted beds symbolizing French craftsmanship and design.
Our Finest French-style Bed
Lilly Wooden Bed Frame
Type of Wood: Mahogany

The Lilly Wooden Bed Frame is exclusive to SUENO. Have a look at the product images, the Lilly Wooden Bed exudes French elegance, style and design. The bed has been hand-carved from the finest mahogany, hand-painted and distressed

Wooden Beds

Wooden Beds: A Summary
A wooden bed can give a traditional, warm and comforting feel to your bedroom. They are more decorative and give a definitive classic or contemporary look to your bedroom. As each tree used to make wooden beds varies slightly in the grain and colour each wooden bed has its own unique identity The slight imperfections and variances in the grain and colour only further enhance the individuality and beauty of each bed and bedroom furniture piece and


Let us introduce you to our bed of the month – The Frank Hudson Safari Bed!
A bed fit for celebrities, aristocrats and the city’s elite! With the recent news that the Frank Hudson Safari Bed has been chosen for the Sophie Johnson suite at the Cannizaro House Hotel in Wimbledon we though it fitting to choose this as our bed of the month.

The Frank Hudson Safari Bed is a truly stunning bed frame that exudes regal elegance and style.