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The Evolution of Beds: Cavemen to Built-in-TVs


Do you ever have those days where you’re counting the hours until you get back into bed? Well, we’re not so different from our 70,000-year-old caveman cousins in that respect. For nearly ten millennia, humans have created soft, warm beds to sleep in at night. Although the world has gone through countless changes since then, we still yearn for those eight hours of kip!

We’re now at the stage where we can incorporate TVs into the bed frame, and watch in

Angels of the North

Captivating. Statuesque. Mystifying. Can you guess which figure of the North East we’re talking about? No, it’s not Z-factor Judge Cheryl Cole. Nor is it Kevin Keegan (though that hair’s had us mystified for years). In actual fact, it’s Antony Gormley’s Angel of the North. This huge steel and copper sculpture looks over everyone that passes through Gateshead, Tyne and Wear. It’s a statement piece that really gets people talking – much like the luxury beds produced by Newcastle’s finest

Matchmaker: Who’d sleep in a Kaydian bed like this?

Beds don’t come much more luxurious than those stamped with the Kaydian name. We’re talking sleek and sophisticated beds with all the hallmarks of quality manufacturing. TV beds you won’t want to leave for a week, ottoman beds with epic storage space, and leather sleigh beds which are the epitome of first class style. They’re the sort of beds you imagine take pride of place in the best hotels in Mayfair. So if you’re after a bed that’s happy to

Kaydian Beds Anyone?!

Now one of the UK’s leading bed designers, Kaydian Beds offer a fantastic collection of upholstered bedsteads that include both traditional and contemporary styles. The Newcastle-upon-Tyne based company has created a truly extensive selection of bed frames in a variety of sizes, finished in various leathers, fabrics and faux leather upholstery in a range of colours to suit every bedroom.

With Kaydian Beds’ manufacturing process heavily audited and all products conforming to British Standards 5852, you can be sure that you