How to Create a Beautiful Bedroom in a Studio Apartment

Recently moved into a studio space and struggling to create a cosy bedroom area? We put together our top tips on how to create a sleep sanctuary in an open space. Read on to learn how to utilise dividers, rugs and lighting to create your ideal space…
Split your space up and add some privacy with curtains or dividers. This can even be done with an open bookshelf, giving you both a storage solution and a space structure. Curtains and dividers

Trend of the Month: Mid-Century Modern

Mid-Century Modern interior design took the world by storm after the popular Netflix series Mad Men filled our screens with leather arm chairs, mahogany coffee tables and potent old fashioned cocktails. But where did the trend come from, and why is it so popular today?
How Mid-Century Modern Started
The trend began around the middle of the 20th century, really taking off at the end of World War II. Adapted from Modernism – a movement that valued functionality over beauty,

Catherine Collins: Is Minimalism Still In Style?



The minimalist interior design movement has been permeating the residential and commercial industries for decades, with homeowners as well as entrepreneurs praising it for its functionality and timeless aesthetic appeal. While it does remain a beloved space solution, the question of its relevance in the modern world cannot be ignored.

Well, it may or may not come as a surprise, but minimalism is growing stronger and more in-style with each passing year! The clear spaces, the serene colour schemes, the striking

Six Beautiful Bedrooms to Inspire Your Decorating

Looking to give your bedroom an update but need some inspiration? We put together six gorgeous bedrooms to help spark your decorating imagination!


This beautiful bedroom design comes from The mix of pastel colours combined with a cool grey gives this room a pretty twist on modern minimalism. We love the use of throw cushions, contemporary lighting and framed graphic prints.

Get the look with our 4 panel unholstered headboard in Silver Naples Velvet or Dove Grey Linen.


This luxurious

4 Tips for Decorating Your Nursery

Expecting your first baby is one of the most exciting times of your life, but with all the new changes, getting everything ready can feel overwhelming. We put together a simple 4-step guide to decorating your nursery, so there’s one less thing on your to-do list.
Choose a Colour Scheme

Image source: Murals Wallpaper

The first step in decorating your nursery should be choosing a simple colour scheme. Whether you choose pinks, blues or go for a gender neutral palette, deciding on a

How to Choose the Perfect Mattress

We all know how important a good quality mattress is for our sleep and overall health, but with so many options out there it can be difficult to know which mattress is best for you. We put together a guide to help you decide on the perfect mattress.

Pocket Spring Mattress
A pocket sprung mattress is one of the most popular types of mattress. The mattress contains springs in individual fabric pockets, meaning each spring moves independently and can provide more support

How to Incorporate Ultra Violet into your Bedroom

Ever since Pantone released Ultra Violet as their colour of the year, we’ve been researching ways to incorporate the vibrant shade into our bedrooms. Whether you opt for a bold wall colour, or add in some subtle details, ultra violet is a fantastic option for the bedroom. Read on to see how you can embrace the colour…

Pantone colour of the year

Wall Colour

Country Living

If you want to go all-in with Pantone’s colour of

4 Decorating Mistakes to Avoid

Interior design is highly personal, and everyone has their own unique style – something that we celebrate at Sueno with our custom headboards and large choice of fabrics. However, if you’re looking for some guidance, here are 4 common decorating mistakes to avoid.
Rugs that are too small

A small rug in a large space can actually make that room look smaller. Invest in a large rug that covers a good percentage of the space and ensure at least two legs of

5 Home Resolutions to Keep Your House Tidy

Small wins add up to a happier, tidier and more relaxed home. That’s why we put together 5 home resolutions to help you keep your house tidy. These quick and easy tasks quickly turn into habits, leaving you with more time to relax.
1.   Make Your Bed in the Morning

If the first thing you do in the morning is make your bed, you are already taking positive action to make the rest of your day better. Take a minute or two

How to Care for Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are hugely popular at the moment, and with Pinterest predicting ‘patterned plants’ will be a trend for 2018, it’s likely that our green house guests will be around a while longer! If you’ve got a house full of plants that you struggle to care for, or if you’re just introducing plants to your home, we’ve put together an easy guide to caring for your indoor plants.
Avoid Over Watering


Knowing your plant is the key to sufficient watering. Some plants

2018 Interior Decor Trends

New year, new interior design trends. We took a look into what’s predicted to be popular in 2018…
Patterned Plants

Image source:

House plants were a huge trend in 2017 and Pinterest predict that they won’t be going anywhere! This year, look out for luscious green house plants with patterned leaves to stay on-trend. These plants can also help to purify the air in your home helping you breathe easy and even sleep better. To find out more about the best plants

10 Steps to Freshen Up Your Home

It’s a brand-new year and in the spirit of all things fresh and new, we’ve been eager to find ways to freshen up our home. Our home environment has a big impact on the way we feel day-to-day and if we want to stick to those new years resolutions, keeping our home positive may just be the way to do it!
Out with the old and in with the new! A great first step to preparing your home for the new

How to start a business from your bedroom

January is the month of motivation. A time to make your tomorrow plans today’s goals, to grasp life by the horns and say yes more and no less!

Use this New Year as the perfect opportunity to wipe the slate clean and get your teeth into that business idea which you’ve not quite launched yet.

Every idea is a great idea, some ideas may just require a little more work than others, so don’t feel disheartened if you suddenly hate your business

Catherine Collins: 6 Useful Tips for Increasing Storage Space in Your Bedroom

Organising bedroom storage is easy when you have an open area, but what can you do if you’re stuck with a small bedroom that doesn’t have a lot of manoeuvring space? In that case, you need to think outside the box and find a couple of creative ideas, so if you too are looking for ways to increase your storage space, the following suggestions might help you find a solution.
Declutter everything
This is the oldest trick in the book, but it’s

Three Yoga Poses to Help You Sleep

Not only can yoga help to improve your strength and flexibility, it can also relax your mind and body to prepare you for a blissful night’s sleep. We spoke to some yoga experts to find out what poses they would recommend to help us get a good night’s rest. Read on for some bedtime yoga inspiration…

Locust Pose
Jonathan of Discount Supplements spoke to us about The Locust Pose. He explained how to do it;

Image from Yoga15
‘Lie face down with either a

The Perfect Morning Routine to Feel Wide Awake

Mornings can be hard at the best of times, but many people find that they struggle more than usual in winter. With the lack of sunlight naturally waking us up and the cold temperatures outside, it’s more and more difficult to wake up feeling perky. We put together our top tips to reset your morning routine and get you feeling fresh!

Skip the Snooze Button
Give your body and mind the best start by getting out of bed as soon as your

How to Create a Winter Ready Bedroom

The cold is starting to set in and it’s time to prepare your home for the winter chill. The early mornings and late nights are often the coldest times of the day, so it makes sense for you to prepare room you spend those hours in first!  Read on to learn how to turn your bedroom into a cosy winter sanctuary that you can’t wait to get back to…

Warmer Bedding
You may have started to notice that your duvet isn’t quite

How to Have a Productive Morning

Mornings can be tough, especially in winter when you’re up before sunrise! We decided to claim back our mornings and research ways to make us more productive in the AM. So, take control and learn to tackle mornings like a pro with our guide to having a productive morning…
Get Enough Sleep
Part of the reason we may struggle so much with mornings is that we’re not getting enough sleep. Sleep is essential for our growth and repair, so aiming for 8

Myth-Busting Sleep Facts: What Really Helps You Sleep

There are countless theories and old-wives’ tales out there about what helps you get to sleep. We did some research to find out which theories work, and which do not. Read on to find out what really helps you sleep…

Drinking alcohol
Although alcohol may help you to drift off, the body cannot get an effective night’s sleep while processing alcohol. This is because alcohol prevents the body from going into REM sleep, meaning it does not get the benefits that REM

Catherine Collins: Make Your Home Beautiful and Soothing Inside and Out

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Those who aim to remodel their home in the most beautiful and soothing manner need to know one thing. Your home is a homogenous entity and failing to tend to any of its aspects will inevitably lead to failure. An impression made by a flawlessly decorated hallway and living room can be ruined by a bland or unimpressive driveway and the exterior of the home. Moreover, a beautiful garden doesn’t mean much if the interior of

How to Have a Stylish Halloween

Shy away from plastic knick-knacks and inject some style into your home this Halloween with our stylish Halloween guide. From painted pumpkins to subtle lights, read on for our interior design tips for the spooky season…

Colour Scheme
Burnt orange, matt black and metallic gold or silver are the perfect colours of choice for Halloween this year. Stray away from neon orange and garish light-up decorations for an understated, welcoming theme.
Painted Pumpkins
Dare to be different with an alternative approach to decorating pumpkins.

Aromatherapy for a Better Night’s Sleep

Scents can have a powerful effect on the mind and body, and aromatherapy has been practiced for many years because of this. If you’re having trouble sleeping, aromatherapy is a natural and simple method of helping you to drift off. Read on for our top four essential oils for a better night’s sleep…

Lavender is one of the most popular essential oils, and it’s not surprising when you consider its benefits. Lavender has been said to help to ease stress and

How to Get Out of the Snooze Button Habit

As the mornings are getting darker, it’s becoming more difficult to drag ourselves out from under the warm duvet in the morning. We know how tempting that snooze button can be this time of year, so we put together our top morning tips to help you wake up and get up!

Go to bed earlier
If you’re really struggling to wake up in the morning, you may not be getting enough sleep during the night. Aim to go to bed an hour

10 Ways to Relax After a Hectic Work Day

We all know the feeling of getting home after a hectic work day with our heads still spinning from the day’s events. Sometimes, it’s hard to switch off and focus on your precious time at home. We looked into the best ways to relax so you can let go of the day’s stress and focus on being in the moment.

Switch off technology
If you’re guilty of having your work emails on your mobile, get in the habit of turning your phone

Catherine Collins: French Interior Design for the Bedroom

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6 Tips for Incorporating French Interior Design into Your Bedroom
The French are known fashionistas; who can forget their signature berets and scarves? Well, their style doesn’t stop at their closet. They also have a knack for decorating their homes in a way that has the whole world going crazy. No matter whether it’s clothes or interior design, everything they do is well thought-out, but somehow, they always make it look easy. So, here’s how you can

How to Create a Beautiful Guest Bedroom

Make sure your guests feel as comfortable as possible with our guide to creating a beautiful, welcoming guest bedroom.
A Comfortable Bed
There’s nothing worse than spending the night in a friend’s home and having an uncomfortable bed to sleep in. Although you may not know exactly how your guest likes their mattress to be, you can ensure a good level of comfort by investing in a quality one – take a look at our mattress guide to help you

Keep Waking Up in the Night? These Tricks Will Help You Get Back to Sleep…

Finally crashing into bed after a hectic day, you sink down into your warm duvet and memory foam mattress, imagining the blissful night’s sleep you’re about to indulge in. Fast forward to 4am and you’re wide awake staring at your ceiling. Not what you had in mind.

Well, fear no more as we have done some research and put together our top tips and tricks to help you drift back to sleep. Let’s make those mid-night wake up calls a thing

Tidying Techniques for a Calm Home

When you have a calm home, a calm mind comes more naturally. At Sueno, we feel that it’s so much easier to drift off to sleep when your home is neat and organised. Therefore, we put together our top tidying techniques to bring some zen into your home.
Daily Jobs


Create a list of quick tidying jobs to do every day that will keep your home nice and neat, and stick to it! The list must be realistic to ensure you do

Choosing the Right Colour Palette for Your Bedroom

Choosing the right colour palette for your bedroom can be a real challenge. You own personal taste is very important, but it is also vital to ensure your bedroom is a sanctuary where you can relax and unwind. We put together a quick and easy guide to choosing the best colour palette for your bedroom…
Neutral Bedroom
Neutral tones such as taupe, beige, ivory and grey are a safe bet for creating a relaxing environment. These colours will also go well with

Making Your Bedroom Cosy for Autumn



Although summer is still very much in the air, we have started to think about autumn arriving. When the nights start drawing in and evenings get colder, there is nothing more important than having a cosy bedroom to snuggle up in. Therefore, we looked into creative ways to add an extra cosy touch to your bedroom.
Arrange your pillows
The way your pillows are laid out on the bed can take it from flat and boring to snuggly and inviting in just

How Minimalism Can Help You Sleep

Minimalism is the movement of reducing the number of things you own and buy, with the aim of feeling lighter, happier, and having time to spend on the things you enjoy. Decluttering and re-assessing what you really need can help you to take back control of your finances and feel a sense of freedom from the fast-moving fashion trends and must-buy items. With all of that increased freedom and sense of calm, can minimalism actually help you get a good

How a Sleepless Night Affects Your Body

How a Sleepless Night Affects Your Body
Unfortunately, we all suffer from sleepless nights from time-to-time. But how do our bodies actually function without adequate sleep? We did some research into the science of sleep to find out!

You’re more prone to illness
Not getting enough hours of sleep at night lowers your body’s immune system, making it easier for you to get ill. In fact, sleep deprivation has been linked to serious conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. When you sleep,

The Perfect Night Time Routine for a Good Night’s Sleep

It is recommended that we get between 7 and 9 hours sleep per night, and with nearly half of us complaining that we get only six hours of sleep or less, it is clear that many of us need some help drifting off. Sleep is important for both our physical and mental health, so while it may drop to the bottom of our priority list when we are busy, this is when it is more important than ever to get

Inspiring Scandinavian Interior Ideas

Scandinavian interior design focuses around simplicity, minimalism and functionality. Scandinavian homes have an understated elegance which many homes in the UK have since adopted, especially smaller homes which require a more strategic interior design plan.

If you would like to create a fresh, warm and stylish Scandinavian inspired look then keep reading to discover top tips from interior designers on creating the perfect Scandi vibe!

John Linden, Designer for Mirror Coop, says he constantly has clients who are wanting the Scandinavian look

Six Traditional Interiors that are Making a Come-Back


Traditional interiors are making a come-back as we see more and more timeless trends reappearing on the shelves. Get the classic look in your own home with our top six traditional design trends.
Copper & Gold
Copper and gold have seen a huge come-back in the past year and we are beginning to see metallic details in all areas of the home. Metallics are one of those design trends that are beautiful when done right. However, going overboard with metallic shades can

4 beautiful houseplants which improve sleep!

A good night’s sleep is vital if you want to lead a healthy and well balanced lifestyle. Lack of sleep can exacerbate existing stresses, mental health problems, decrease productivity and can negatively affect your relationships.

We all appreciate that a great way to destress is by spending time outdoors, so why not bring the outdoors indoors?

We spoke with a range of plant biologists for their advice on what plants to include in the bedroom to create a relaxing and tranquil vibe.


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