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Experts recommend that your mattress should be replaced at least every eight years. This is because over time mattresses lose their shape. Meaning that after a few years the support they offer your back is reduced. Did you know that the most common cause of back pain is sleeping on an old mattress? It’s easy to blame your busy schedule or exercise regime for your back pain but most of the time the cause is where you sleep.


As well as

On A Budget? Try Our Silk 1000 Mattress!


It’s no secret that having a good night’s sleep will help you to maintain your health. Poor or interrupted sleep can leave you feeling lethargic and grumpy. It can also affect how productive you are in your day and even affect your immune system too.

You might not know it, but the mattress you sleep on could be to blame for your poor sleep! It’s crucial that you choose the best one for your needs. Otherwise, you could end having a

Winter is coming…

It’s been a long, hot summer, but there’s no denying that now September’s coming to a close autumn is well and truly on its way. Cue misty breath on cold mornings, ice scrapers at the ready for the 8am commute, and mugs of steaming hot chocolate for the end of the day (slippers, onesie, and hot water bottle optional). One thing that shouldn’t be optional this autumn and winter though, is one of our luxury mattresses that will help ensure

Healthopaedic Divan Beds: A Lowdown…

Everything you ever wanted to know about our Healthopaedic Divan Beds…
Mention the name Healthopaedic and anyone who knows anything about beds will know you’re immediately talking about quality.  In the UK the ‘Healthopaedic’ brand is a best seller, and it’s a name that is responsible for delivering beds that our customers simply adore. If we have a day where we don’t sell one of our Healthopaedic divan beds, blame our web developers because it’s a day when our website must

Luxury Pocket Spring Mattresses

Instant coffee instead of real. Acrylic instead of wool. A ready meal instead of a freshly-prepared one. We’re all guilty of taking shortcuts once in a while, but with some things, the shortcut really isn’t worth the bother.

If you’ve ever had the experience of ‘sleeping’ on a crappy mattress you’ll know what we’re talking about. Maybe you found yourself stuck on the M1 a long way from home and realised there was no other alternative than to spend the night

New Year – NEW YOU!

It’s that time of year when we all leap out of bed on the 1st January, bright eyed, bushy tailed, and ready to start afresh. That’s how it goes isn’t it? Oh, wait! We forgot about the previous night’s booze-filled antics, four hour’s restless sleep, and a room that won’t stop spinning. Sorry. Best wait until the 2nd January to get all bright eyed and bushy tailed then.
1. To get more sleep!
If ‘to get more sleep’ is at the top

Healthopaedic Delivers Sleep Quality

What you really want in mattress is a great night’s sleep.

We all wonder what the secret to a deep contented sleep is. Shrugging off the day and getting a whole night of refreshing sleep sometimes seems like the search for the Holy Grail. With the Healthopaedic range of mattresses and divan beds from Sueno, you might just have found what you have been looking for.

Each Healthopaedic mattress in our fabulous range is designed to create a suitable sleeping environment

Healthopaedic Mattresses

Healthopaedic Mattresses – 2012
Since the start of 2012 our Healthopaedic Mattresses have received fantastic interest from a new & returning client-base.  To say that we predicted this surge in demand may seem a touch arrogant but during years that we have been trading it is clear to see what the  UK public are looking for, and that’s Value. We have focussed our efforts on delivering high quality products as cost effectively as we can. These savings are past on to our

Divan Beds with Mattresses

Sleeping Comfort
Do you know that the quality of your sleep will depend very much on the quality of the beds and mattresses that you are using? If you have been lately feeling tired the entire day, falling asleep during the day time or finding yourself getting irritated soon, then it is possible that you are not sleeping well. It could be because that you do not have a comfortable bed and mattress.

Many people don’t realize the importance of choosing the

Healthopaedic Mattresses Benefits

Healthopaedic mattresses has become synonymous with high quality, innovation & value-for money to the UK consumer.

The reason for the brand’s year-on-year success is the fresh outlook adopted by manufacturer Highgate Beds in terms of scientific research, cross-industry appreciation & the willingness to push mattress design onwards & upwards. The evolution of Healthopaedic mattresses is incredible. For example: Did you know? Healthopaedic memory foam mattresses are now built using NASA tested memory foam materials that regulate ‘through-the-night’ temperatures & cleverly assist in reducing mattress

Mattresses – Helping You Choose

Mattresses never last forever. Over time current mattress will begin to lose its comfort & performance. Whether it be due to the kids jumping on your bed or that you have never thought a replacement, it is merely a matter of time. If you are at a stage where you are looking for a new mattress, hopefully this blog post can help! There are several things you should look for a in new mattress, it is important to get the


There are many different causes for a sleepless night, back pain or perpetual insomnia, but many of them can be cured or at the very least mitigated with the use of a high quality mattress that offers suitable lumbar support irrespective of sleeping orientation (preferences). This does not mean that the mattress forces your body position into conforming to its rigidity & flatness but rather it allows (or gives) under certain circumstances to suit the individual sleeper. This reduces contact

Sleeping Comfort from Sueno

A recent article on the wires –

“Sleep is a physical activity needed by our bodies. It is where we get the energy for our everyday tasks at home, at work, and moreover, everything that we do. Sleeping is better achieved if we have a very comfortable sleeping environment. That comfort, warmth and support can be found through a new retailer to the UK market. Sueno has rapidly become one of the leading product & brand distributors of bedroom furniture online.

Technology effects sleeping patterns

It’s official: Technology effects our sleeping patterns*
* if you are not using a Healthopaedic Mattress from Sueno that is!
The Study:

Computer, mobile phone or TV usage before bedtime can have an adverse affect on the way an individual falls asleep.

The National Sleep Federation’s Sleep in America poll found that 95% of participants used electronics before going to bed. Study task force member Charles Czeisler, Ph.D., M.D. said: “Artificial light exposure between dusk and the time we go to bed

Toxic Sleep

“People simply do not seem to make the connection between lack of sleep and the state of their bed”
Old beds could be the cause of a rise in TOXIC SLEEP.

A survey conducted by The Sleep Council as part of National Bed Month has found that nearly half of us are only getting 6 hours of sleep or less a night.

It was also found that four fifths of those questioned reported ‘toxic sleep’.

“The average person needs a good seven

Top 5 Bed Time Snacks

Having Trouble Sleeping?
If you have trouble sleeping try a midnight snack that will actually help you sleep. have suggested the top 5 best foods for a great night’s sleep.

Fresh or dried cherries contain melatonin, the chemical that regulates the bodies internal sleep clock. Researchers recommend eating the fruit an hour before going to bed. Tart cherries are the most effective as they contain higher levels of melatonin.

Bananas contain potassium and magnesium which are natural muscle

Highgate Beds Exhibiting @ Interiors 2011

We are proud of the relationships we have managed to build & strengthen since we started all those years ago.
Highgate Beds @ Interiors 2011
Highgate Beds, the core supplier of our Heathopaedic, Sleeping Comfort & Restoflex ranges recently exhibited at the Interiors 2011, the UK’s largest trade interiors exhibition held at the NEC in Birmingham on 23 – 26 January 2011. During the event Highgate Beds displayed their wonderful portfolio of divan beds & mattresses to the wholesale trade community. Highgate Beds have become

The Perfect Bedroom

The Perfect Bedstead
You may have already spent a considerable amount of time scouring the internet looking for a suitable bedstead that completes your bedroom styling requirements at low cost. We’ve decided to provide you with a helping hand through this tricky process by providing you with a perfect range of contemporary bedroom furniture all from one online retailer.
A perfect bedstead is more than just a bed, more than just the odd piece of furniture here and there. A suitable collection

MATTRESSES: Talking Ticking

Nope, this posting doesn’t involve pesky little critters. Although I am sure there are mattresses out there with parasitic tendencies.
Mattress fabrics (known as ‘Ticking’) play a big part in the overall comfort & feel of a mattress. Recent years have produced massive improvements in textile technologies & the quality of fabrics used by mattress manufacturers. Mattress ticking is a critical element in ensuring the benefits of different mattress fillings & comfort layers (Memory Foam, Latex etc.) are optimized.
Mattress ticking is