Frank Hudson

The Tour de France meets our Tour de Lits

The flash of Lycra. The thrill of the chase. The sound of all those spokies thundering along the roads. (Chris Froome doesn’t have spokies? Missing. A. Trick). Yep, here at Sueno we’re still revelling in the joys that the Tour de France brought into our neck of the woods (Yorkshire FYI). It got us thinking (but don’t worry, we’re not going to get all deep and meaningful). This year, the route is taking in some great UK hotspots

Frank Hudson Sale – EXTRA 10% OFF

There are the Sales where people pitch up tent and camp outside the shop just to make sure they’re first in line when the prices drop. Then there are those that never seem to end – we’re pretty sure everyone knows which retailer we’re talking about here. Then there’s our Frank Hudson Sale – which is (excuse the pun) quite literally worth getting out of bed for. Yep, we’re talking sales, and if you’re looking for a steal on a

French Beds

Sueno’s French Beds collection exudes glamour & decadence. We have teamed up with illustrious designers Frank Hudson to bring you a stunning range of beautiful hand-carved & hand-painted beds symbolizing French craftsmanship and design.
Our Finest French-style Bed
Lilly Wooden Bed Frame
Type of Wood: Mahogany

The Lilly Wooden Bed Frame is exclusive to SUENO. Have a look at the product images, the Lilly Wooden Bed exudes French elegance, style and design. The bed has been hand-carved from the finest mahogany, hand-painted and distressed

Wooden Beds

Wooden Beds: A Summary
A wooden bed can give a traditional, warm and comforting feel to your bedroom. They are more decorative and give a definitive classic or contemporary look to your bedroom. As each tree used to make wooden beds varies slightly in the grain and colour each wooden bed has its own unique identity The slight imperfections and variances in the grain and colour only further enhance the individuality and beauty of each bed and bedroom furniture piece and


Let us introduce you to our bed of the month – The Frank Hudson Safari Bed!
A bed fit for celebrities, aristocrats and the city’s elite! With the recent news that the Frank Hudson Safari Bed has been chosen for the Sophie Johnson suite at the Cannizaro House Hotel in Wimbledon we though it fitting to choose this as our bed of the month.

The Frank Hudson Safari Bed is a truly stunning bed frame that exudes regal elegance and style.