The Historic But Contemporary Sleigh Bed


As it creeps closer to Christmas, the only sleigh that the majority of us are thinking about is one that is driven by a man who lives at the North Pole, and is pulled by Reindeer. Here at Sueno, we think a little differently, and wanted to talk about one of our favourite bed designs, the iconic Sleigh Bed.

History of the Sleigh
Today the smooth, curved lines of a sleigh bed are those that bring a level of decadence and comfort

Sleeping Tips To Help With Insomnia


We all suffer from the occasional sleepless night. There will have been an evening when we have all laid in bed, tossing and turning, unable to properly switch off as the minutes turn slowly into hours, and no amount of sheep counting will do the trick. This of course can be a long-term medical condition, and those who have insomnia face this battle on a regular basis. We understand that there is no absolute cure for insomnia, and that it’s not

Report to Divan Base!

Attention bed buyers! That’s right, you over there! Now listen up, this is your Sueno Major here, and if you think I can’t see you shirking at the back of the ranks, trying to get away with that non-regulation trendy haircut, you’re sadly mistaken. Think I haven’t noticed that non-standard issue uniform that’s so SS15 you could have Kate Moss ringing you for tips?! Think I haven’t clocked that you’re not paying full attention to the sergeant major’s instructions?! Well,

Sueno launches Boho, a new range of beautifully luxurious beds

We’ve teamed up with Royal Bohemia to launch Boho for Sueno, a range of eclectic hand-made beds, headboards and mattresses aimed at style-conscious consumers.

The range takes inspiration from the most beautiful boutique hotels in cosmopolitan cities across the world and has been designed to bring distinguished style to modern living spaces.

Luxurious fabrics, dramatic silhouettes and intricate design details combine to create an outstanding collection of bedroom centre pieces, with hints of Parisian charm, Mumbai-inspired hues and accents of London style.


Bed hygiene: Keeping your bed clean

On average, we spend a third of our life in bed and sweat around half a pint of perspiration every night! But how often do you wash your bedding and how old’s your duvet? When was the last time you bought new pillows and changed the mattress?

Bed hygiene’s something we should probably all pay a little bit more attention to, because who wants to share their bed with pesky dust mites and scary bacteria? Here’s our top tips on how

Create your Dream Divan

Kirstie’s Homemade Home. George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces. The Great British Sewing Bee. If we’re to believe TV, it seems we’re a nation obsessed with putting our own stamp on everything. Whether that’s totally true, we’re not sure, but it’s fair to say when you have a hand in creating something that you’ll use everyday, there’s a huge amount of enjoyment gained from the process. That’s just the case with our divan beds.

That’s because when you buy a divan bed from

Spotlight on: Healthopaedic Smartcell 3000 Divan Bed

No it’s not the latest rocket from NASA, it is, in fact, one of our best selling beds here at Sueno. So forget hurtling through the skies towards space, bobbing up and down in zero gravity, and looking out for little green men, and turn your attention to an altogether more comfortable experience, back on planet earth.

A bed, a mattress, and award-winning technology, all wrapped up in a package that starts at just £390. We hope you’ll agree, that’s a

Up close and personal with the Sueno Ottoman Bed

Buying a new bed is a bit of a big deal, especially if you’re thinking of buying quality. After all, it’s not an impulse purchase, like those gold platforms that were the height of fashion for a week in 1978, or a quick fix, like that family-sized bar of chocolate you scoffed all in one go. A bed is something that deserves a bit of thought and consideration, so that’s why we’re taking the ‘magnifying glass’ approach with this piece

Ottoman Divans

Sayonara dust!
Forgotten socks. Toys. Spare bedding. Shoes. And bags of things we can’t quite bare to chuck out. The list of what we shove, hide, and tuck away under our beds could go on forever. But it’s the balls of fluff, the layers of dust, scrunched-up tissues, and one sock intent on casting itself in the great escape, that find their way under our beds to join our hoard that we could all rather do without.

Cue our range of Ottoman

Healthopaedic Divan Beds: A Lowdown…

Everything you ever wanted to know about our Healthopaedic Divan Beds…
Mention the name Healthopaedic and anyone who knows anything about beds will know you’re immediately talking about quality.  In the UK the ‘Healthopaedic’ brand is a best seller, and it’s a name that is responsible for delivering beds that our customers simply adore. If we have a day where we don’t sell one of our Healthopaedic divan beds, blame our web developers because it’s a day when our website must

Custom size mattress anyone?

Big, small, tall, short – we all come in different shapes and sizes, and wouldn’t it be boring if we didn’t? Here at Sueno, we’re thankful that there’s diversity in everything – it helps to make life just that little bit more interesting. It’s the exact same with our beds, too.

Our custom size mattresses and divan beds are manufactured in-house, and that means we’re able to give you exactly what you’re after when it comes to size. That’s pretty important

New Year – NEW YOU!

It’s that time of year when we all leap out of bed on the 1st January, bright eyed, bushy tailed, and ready to start afresh. That’s how it goes isn’t it? Oh, wait! We forgot about the previous night’s booze-filled antics, four hour’s restless sleep, and a room that won’t stop spinning. Sorry. Best wait until the 2nd January to get all bright eyed and bushy tailed then.
1. To get more sleep!
If ‘to get more sleep’ is at the top

Ottomans go to war against ‘STUFF’

Hands up who’s got too much stuff?! Oh come on, we’re all guilty of it. Clothes we daren’t part with even though they’re now (sigh) two sizes too small, keepsakes that remind you of a certain time and place but aren’t actually that pleasant to look at, or letters from the time people actually sent letters (when was that? 1997?). We accumulate ‘stuff’ at a rate of knots, so it’s great when a product comes along that’s both hugely useful

Stanhope Upholstered Bed v. Brahms upholstered Bed

At Sueno, we’re used to testing out the most luxurious beds on the market whether it be our own or one of our suppliers’ newest beds. If you visited us at Sueno HQ, you would probably find us lounging around on beds, tweaking & refining so that our customers, for instance, find our upholstered headboards super-luxurious to sit against. That’s just one example & all in the name of research. Honest! So when we were asked to put two of

Ottoman Divan With Storage

Ottoman Divan With Storage
It is not often that a bedstead goes beyond aesthetic appeal to offer something more & its that ‘something more’ that Sueno is constantly striving to achieve. Now we are not the only retailer to offer an ottoman divan with storage but its become such a popular product with our customers it deserves adequate commentary. Our ottoman divan with storage helps those of you that aren’t blessed with large bedroom spaces, walk-in wardrobes & garage storage space.

Upholstered Headboards


Anyone may be forgiven for thinking that divan beds offer great functional storage but this is at the expense of outwardly, aesthetic appeal. These opinions could be swaying respective consumers to look at  more traditional bed frames even if such alternatives result in reduced storage availability in the bedroom. In this post we explore a variety of divan bed headboards that have recently been launched under the Sueno brand that deliver the best of both worlds, eye-catching style & bed storage functionality.


Ideas For Furnishing Small Bedrooms

Are you in the process of furnishing your bedroom?

Do you think that your bedroom is very small and that you could have done with a little bigger bedroom for space & storage?

Don’t worry with the right furnishing ideas you can make the best use of your bedroom space. The current economic climate is placing pressure on household budgets & available spend sometimes leaving many with the only opportunity of downsizing to smaller homes with smaller bedrooms. Here are some

Divan Beds with Mattresses

Sleeping Comfort
Do you know that the quality of your sleep will depend very much on the quality of the beds and mattresses that you are using? If you have been lately feeling tired the entire day, falling asleep during the day time or finding yourself getting irritated soon, then it is possible that you are not sleeping well. It could be because that you do not have a comfortable bed and mattress.

Many people don’t realize the importance of choosing the

Sleeping Comfort from Sueno

A recent article on the wires –

“Sleep is a physical activity needed by our bodies. It is where we get the energy for our everyday tasks at home, at work, and moreover, everything that we do. Sleeping is better achieved if we have a very comfortable sleeping environment. That comfort, warmth and support can be found through a new retailer to the UK market. Sueno has rapidly become one of the leading product & brand distributors of bedroom furniture online.

The Perfect Bedroom

The Perfect Bedstead
You may have already spent a considerable amount of time scouring the internet looking for a suitable bedstead that completes your bedroom styling requirements at low cost. We’ve decided to provide you with a helping hand through this tricky process by providing you with a perfect range of contemporary bedroom furniture all from one online retailer.
A perfect bedstead is more than just a bed, more than just the odd piece of furniture here and there. A suitable collection

French Beds

Sueno’s French Beds collection exudes glamour & decadence. We have teamed up with illustrious designers Frank Hudson to bring you a stunning range of beautiful hand-carved & hand-painted beds symbolizing French craftsmanship and design.
Our Finest French-style Bed
Lilly Wooden Bed Frame
Type of Wood: Mahogany

The Lilly Wooden Bed Frame is exclusive to SUENO. Have a look at the product images, the Lilly Wooden Bed exudes French elegance, style and design. The bed has been hand-carved from the finest mahogany, hand-painted and distressed

Translating IKEA Mattress & Beds Sizes

Have you recently gone to a UK IKEA store and purchased a bed frame thinking that it would be compatible with standard UK mattress sizes only to find that your mattress at home is either too big or too small for your new IKEA bed base or visa versa?
IKEA sells beds & mattresses in the UK that are standard within E.U. countries, often referred to as Continental Mattress & Bed sizes. This means that any IKEA double bed/mattress at does


The Ottoman Divan Bed is great for bedrooms where SPACE IS AT A PREMIUM.

Our Ottoman Divan Beds offer 4X more storage space of traditional divan beds, yet they take up the exact same amount of bed space in a bedroom. An Ottoman Divan Bed allows you to lift up the base of the bed and store things within it, under the mattress base. This is ideal for storing bedding, clothes or even junk you don’t want

Wooden Beds

Wooden Beds: A Summary
A wooden bed can give a traditional, warm and comforting feel to your bedroom. They are more decorative and give a definitive classic or contemporary look to your bedroom. As each tree used to make wooden beds varies slightly in the grain and colour each wooden bed has its own unique identity The slight imperfections and variances in the grain and colour only further enhance the individuality and beauty of each bed and bedroom furniture piece and

Divan Beds @ Sueno

SUENO Monarch Cashmere 2000 Divan Bed
The unique double sided Monarch cashmere divan is the ultimate in sleeping comfort,it reaches new heights in comfort and quality. The double sided mattress is designed specifically using our years of manufacturing experience to allow you to use either the memory foam side or the more traditional spring side as your mood dictates.It features a 2000 pocket spring unit, each spring is individually encased in calico. Skilled craftsmen hand side stitch the mattress in four rows and

CHATSWORTH By Highgate Beds

CHATSWORTH Divan Beds & Mattresses

The classic, cream, regency-striped cotton damask of Chatsworth gives it a personality all of its own. A 1500 pocket spring count with polyester and wool fillings wait to cradle you in total contentment. Hand-tufting, side-simulated stitching and bumper bars enhance the luxurious feel.

Key elements:
1000 Pocket Springs
Wool and Polyester Filling
Bumper Bars
Air Vents
Shepherd Castors

1500 Pocket Springs
Superbond with wool and polyester fillings
Bumper Bars
Pure Cotton Damask
Shepherd Castors
2-rows of Hand side-stitching

Associated Product Pages:

Chatsworth Divan Bed
Chatsworth Divan Mattress

All divan

GLAISDALE Adjustable Bed By Highgate Beds

GLAISDALE Adjustable Bed

The welcoming comfort of the Glaisedale’s excellent, pocket sprung and cotton filled mattress is further enhanced by the fact that it is an adjustable electric bed, that tilts to five different heights – Ideal for reading, watching television or simply relaxing. The mattress also features brass air vents and sturdy handles, and is covered in high quality gold on silver damask.

Key elements:
1000 Pocket Springs
Wool and Polyester Filling
Bumper Bars
Air Vents
Shepherd Castors

5-stage Electric Bed

Pocket Sprung
Cotton Fillings

ROSEDALE By Highgate Beds – ON SALE NOW!

ROSEDALE Divan Beds & Mattresses

The splendid Rosedale divan bed and mattress range provides a plush, ultra comfortable sleep surface to sink into. With a 1500 pocket count plus wool and polyester filling, it is hand tufted to give all the support and comfort you could dream of. The pattern of the beautiful damask covering is highlighted gold on silver and bumper bars compliment the overall design.

Key elements:
1000 Pocket Springs
Wool and Polyester Filling

FARNDALE – Sleeping Comfort Range


FARNDALE Divan Beds & Mattresses

Find yourself in the lap of luxury with Farndale. A thousand pocket springs, together with soft wool and polyester fillings will lull you to sleep. This cosy bed features hand tufting and simulated quilted sides. Bumper bars compliment the design and the high quality silver damask sets it off to perfection.


Key elements:
1000 Pocket Springs
Wool and Polyester Filling
Bumper Bars
Air Vents
Shepherd Castors

1000 Pocket Springs
Wool and Polyester Filling
Bumper Bars
Air Vents
Shepherd Castors

Associated Product

KIRKDALE – Sleeping Comfort Range

The beautiful leaf patterned damask covering of the kirkdale presents a supremely comfortable bed. Available in sophisticated mint on silver, it is orthopaedic sprung and it’s quality mattress
is topped with soft polyester, liberally hand tufted. The platform top base features bumpers.
KIRKDALE Divan Beds & Mattresses
The beautiful leaf patterned damask covering of the kirkdale presents a supremely comfortable bed. Available in sophisticated mint on silver, it is orthopaedic sprung and it’s quality mattress is topped with soft polyester, liberally hand tufted. The

HIGHGATE BEDS – Home of Healthopaedic, Sleeping Comfort & Restoflex

Throughout history people have tried all kinds of beds – from straw to horsehair, felt and feather in their search for 100% Sleeping Comfort. Now, producing the perfect sleeping environment has become both an art and a science and the Highgate Beds Group has spent over a quarter of a century perfecting it. Highgate Beds committed to producing beds and mattresses that offer the optimum support, comfort and durability and respond to the sleepers every need.

The Highgate Beds


Let us introduce you to our bed of the month – The Frank Hudson Safari Bed!
A bed fit for celebrities, aristocrats and the city’s elite! With the recent news that the Frank Hudson Safari Bed has been chosen for the Sophie Johnson suite at the Cannizaro House Hotel in Wimbledon we though it fitting to choose this as our bed of the month.

The Frank Hudson Safari Bed is a truly stunning bed frame that exudes regal elegance and style.

Total Comfort Mattresses & Divan Beds

The name of the Healthopaedic range says it all, Total Comfort. We have a selection of mattresses and divan beds that make up this range each having their own comfort characteristics. Here’s a quick reference to give you an understanding of what to expect:

• Total Comfort 1000 (Comfy, soft feel)
• Total Comfort 1500 (Medium, firm feel)
• Total Comfort 2000 (Firm yet comfy feel)

Self-support System
All Healthopaedic mattresses in the Total Comfort collection feature a special self-support system giving the mattress