Standalone Wardrobes

From contemporary to classic, our Standalone Wardrobes are sure to catch your eye. Unique, bold storage in a variety of shapes and sizes built with the finest in furniture timber.

Whether you are looking to complete your master bedroom look with a stylish, well-designed standalone wardrobe, or you are looking for a practical, functional wardrobe where clothing, shoes, linen can be stored, away from view, Sueno will have the ideal standalone wardrobe for you. We have taken time to carefully assemble a portfolio of standalone wardrobes that satisfy all tastes & storage requirements. Every wardrobe product in our wardrobe range has been sourced from leading furniture brands such as Zocalo Furniture & Frank Hudson Furniture. Our standalone wardrobes are masterfully manufactured using only the highest-quality woods & superb finishing techniques.

Our standalone wardrobes can be purchased individually or as part of a wider, matching bedroom furniture range. If you have already explored and purchased bedroom furniture but still requires a wardrobe to ensure your bedroom styling you would be best to browse our website & take a look what is available. We have a large range of wardrobes to choose from. If you’re considering buying a bedroom wardrobe, we would advise you to consider a few elements before you decide.

How much storage space is available in your current bedroom? What are your storage requirements? What will you be storing? What sort of wardrobe styling would complement your current bedroom furniture?

A wardrobe in essence is an aesthetic façade for the items it contains. You should look to complement existing furniture without dominating the bedroom. Multiple standalone wardrobes may suit couples keen on having their own storage space.

We offer Free UK delivery on every order, irrespective of order value. Browse our full standalone wardrobes and buy online today.

6 Item(s)

  1. Frank Hudson Louis XV 2 Door Wardrobe

    Frank Hudson Louis XV 2 Door Wardrobe

    From £2,299.00

    Regular Price: £2,699.00

  2. Frank Hudson Spire Wardrobe

    Frank Hudson Spire Wardrobe

    From £1,899.00

    Regular Price: £2,299.00

  3. Frank Hudson Alexandria Wardrobe

    Frank Hudson Alexandria Wardrobe

    From £1,799.00

    Regular Price: £2,299.00

  4. Frank Hudson Vermont Wardrobe

    Frank Hudson Vermont Wardrobe

    From £1,799.00

    Regular Price: £2,299.00

  5. Frank Hudson Belgravia Wardrobe

    Frank Hudson Belgravia Wardrobe

    From £1,699.00

    Regular Price: £2,299.00

  6. Frank Hudson Monique 2 Door Wardrobe

    Frank Hudson Monique Wardrobe

    From £1,399.00

    Regular Price: £1,699.00

6 Item(s)