Latex Mattresses

Luxury Mattresses with a deep Latex foam topper for individual looking for a mattress that is soft-to-touch yet robust enough to ensure suitable support. Our Latex mattresses are of the finest quality.

We are a leading online retailer of luxury latex mattresses in the UK & have become the ‘go-to’ mattress supplier for high-quality, low-cost Healthopaedic latex mattresses. We are proud of our relationship with Highgate Beds (owners of the Healthopaedic label) that ensures superb value-for-money. We offer the cheapest Healthopaedic latex mattresses available anywhere in the UK & back this up with a suitable price match guarantee on all Healthopaedic mattresses.

All our latex mattresses are manufactured from the highest-quality mattress materials by a skilled team of craftsmen. We employ innovative materials such as reflex and latex layers that provide the best possible support, feel & comfort. Our luxury latex mattresses have also embraced the newest technologies such as temperature sensitive mattress fabrics (‘Cool Plus’, ‘Smartcell’ , ‘Silk’, Aloe Vera’) which aid & enhance our latex mattresses’ performances leaving you feeling fresh & rejuvenated after a long, comfortable sleep.

Sueno manufactures latex mattresses to order and each latex mattress is specific to our clients’ requirements. We also offer any latex mattresses in custom-sizes, so if you have a need for a mattress size that cannot be matched by any standard UK mattress size, please get in touch.

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  1. Bio-Cotton Latex 3000 Mattress

    Bio-Cotton Latex 3000 Mattress

    From £399.00

    Regular Price: £499.00

  2. Healthopaedic Silverline Latex Wool 1500 Mattress

    Healthopaedic Silverline Latex Wool 1500 Mattress

    From £389.00

    Regular Price: £499.00

  3. Bio-Cotton Latex 1000 Mattress

    Bio-Cotton Latex 1000 Mattress

    From £239.00

    Regular Price: £399.00

3 Item(s)