Open Coil Divan Beds

Open Coil Divan Beds that offer the option of a cheap mattress with a bed base that provides extra storage freeing up the area around your bedroom. 

Sueno’s open coil divan beds incorporate an upholstered divan base with configurable draws & a selection of fabrics to choose from PLUS a low cost open coil mattress. We provide Free delivery on all open coil divan beds, no matter what the size or price. Divan beds are categorized by the accompanying mattress type & in this case categorized by open coil mattresses.

Sueno is a leading online retailer of open coil divan beds in the UK. Our open coil divans have attracted overwhelming interest from UK consumers for reasons of quality, customer service & price. Our successful relationship with the leading wholesale Divan manufacturers like Highgate Beds, brand owners of Healthopaedic Divan Beds, ensures that value translates itself direct to our customers. We are proud to offer the cheapest Healthopaedic divan beds available anywhere on the internet or on the high-street & this claim is supported by our price match guarantee on all Healthopaedic divan beds. Go on have try, we'll beat it.

Unlike many recognized bedroom furniture retailers, Sueno produces open coil divans to order & holds no surplus stock. Each divan bed is produced for you & your needs. This is important as the quality of divan bed is never affected by any storage or warehousing operations & you get what you want. Sueno is also able to offer any of our divan beds in custom-sizes, so if you have a need for a divan bed size that cannot be matched by any standard UK dimensions, please get in touch.

PLEASE NOTE: Unless stated, our divan beds do not include divan headboards. Our divan headboards can be purchased separately on the Sueno website.

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