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Ottomans go to war against ‘STUFF’

Hands up who’s got too much stuff?! Oh come on, we’re all guilty of it. Clothes we daren’t part with even though they’re now (sigh) two sizes too small, keepsakes that remind you of a certain time and place but aren’t actually that pleasant to look at, or letters from the time people actually sent letters (when was that? 1997?). We accumulate ‘stuff’ at a rate of knots, so it’s great when a product comes along that’s both hugely useful

Sueno Ottoman Beds

Sueno Ottoman Divan Beds


Ottoman divan beds contribute to a fantastic alternative for customers in our January Sales & with that in mind we see it fit to cover ottoman divan beds in a fresh new blog post. Recently the business took the decision of launching a range of Ottoman divan beds under the Sueno brand. Reasons for this are simple to understand, we have the capacity & capability to produce ottomans with higher quality materials & workmanship to our immediate competition. Ottoman divan

Ideas For Furnishing Small Bedrooms

Are you in the process of furnishing your bedroom?

Do you think that your bedroom is very small and that you could have done with a little bigger bedroom for space & storage?

Don’t worry with the right furnishing ideas you can make the best use of your bedroom space. The current economic climate is placing pressure on household budgets & available spend sometimes leaving many with the only opportunity of downsizing to smaller homes with smaller bedrooms. Here are some

Ottoman Beds – Luxury Space Saving

The opportunity of owning a large home (in an area of choice) in today’s world has become more difficult. Pockets have been squeezed by macro-elements outside our control, property developers look to realise a + return on their investments by building as many ‘smaller’ units into plots/properties historically occupied by a single tenant or owner, rental & tax costs soaring due to an increase in local populations & the demand on community services, child care costs climbing to new highs.