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Our Top 10 Luxury Beds

Our Top 10 Luxury Beds

We never thought about collating a Top 10 list of our favourite luxury beds the Luxury Beds Guide & what a great way to showcase the quality of product available at Sueno. So here is it is! Our Top 10 Luxury Beds in no apparent order of preference, we hope you enjoy…

#1: Gilt Luxury Bed

The Gilt Luxury Bed is a stunning 16th century French-styled bed featuring luxurious deep headboard buttoning, upholstered in the finest caramel silk. The

Frank Hudson Chesterfield – Our Bed Of The Month

The Frank Hudson Chesterfield Bed has got to be up the with the most stylish of beds.

Charm, impact & drama just take a look at it…

To celebrate the launch of the ever popular Frank Hudson Chesterfield Bed in beautiful distressed leather, and for the whole month of February, we  are offering the Frank Hudson Chesterfield Bed with a fantastic additional saving of  20% OFF the RRP. This stunning statement bed at stunning statement prices. The Frank Hudson Chesterfield Bed comes in a