Clever Space Saving Ideas for Your Bedroom

With landlords renting out flats that have to be accessed on all fours, bedrooms that feature beds balanced on top of wardrobes, and grown adults opting to sleep on cabin beds, space is clearly at a premium. So, if you’re living in a space that’s only marginally larger than a postage stamp, consider trying your hand at some of our clever space saving ideas for your bedroom. Here goes…

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If you can’t bear to swap your books for a Kindle,

AW14 – Interior Bedroom Trends

Ah, Autumn. Call us sentimental, but there’s something about this season that gets us feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. Maybe it’s down to the gulps of hot toddy by the roaring log fire (in our dreams), or perhaps it harks back to those school years when a fresh new pencil case, a new scrunchie, and the possibility that Tristan in year 10 might finally notice we’re alive, was enough to raise our spirits. Or, it could just be that

It’s time to celebrate Sleeptember!

September is here, which means Sleeptember is too.

Sleeptember is a Sleep Council initiative running throughout September that aims to remind everyone about the benefits of a good night’s sleep.

We all need good quality sleep to feel our best, but more and more of us are suffering from poor sleep and fatigue, and this can affect mood, concentration and alertness levels.

So, if you’re a poor sleeper, then why not set yourselves the challenge of changing your habits for the whole month

How much sleep do you really need?

There’s so much conflicting information out there about how many hours sleep we should be getting, which can make it really confusing to know just how much you should be aiming for.


But, despite eight hours often being hailed as the Holy Grail, you might be relieved to know that there isn’t actually a magic sleep number! Everyone’s requirements differ wildly.


Some of us can function far better on less sleep that others – Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher were both famous

The best sleep apps to help you get a good night’s kip

Struggle to fall asleep every evening or wake up tossing and turning night after night? We all struggle to get a really good night’s sleep sometimes, so next time you can’t drift off, why not reach for your phone, go to the app store and pick out a sleep app to help? Here’s our roundup of the top five.


Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock App

If you’ve ever felt sluggish after waking up to your alarm in the morning, it’s probably because you’ve

Bed hygiene: Keeping your bed clean

On average, we spend a third of our life in bed and sweat around half a pint of perspiration every night! But how often do you wash your bedding and how old’s your duvet? When was the last time you bought new pillows and changed the mattress?

Bed hygiene’s something we should probably all pay a little bit more attention to, because who wants to share their bed with pesky dust mites and scary bacteria? Here’s our top tips on how

Sleep advice: Foods to help you snooze

Love your sleep, but often find it a struggle to drift off at night? It’s a common complaint and here at Sueno, we’re on a mission to help the nation sleep better.

This week our sleep experts have been looking at diet and how different foods impact on sleep quality. Here’s our top eight foods to help promote a restful night’s sleep.


Almonds are rich in magnesium, which promotes muscle relaxation and sleep. The tasty nuts are also a good source of

ZZZpla* – Search upholstered beds & bedroom furniture for Sale

Bored of having to second-guess what bed is right for you? Fed up of getting it wrong? The boffins behind a new bedroom search website, ZZZpla, believe they can help. Taking their inspiration from the world of property search websites such as Zoopla, they have come up with a bed and bedroom furniture version called ZZZpla.
Matt Ress, a ZZZpla spokesperson said,

“It’s easy to find the flat or house of your dreams by inputting a few bits of information and pressing

2014 PR: Sueno focus at delivering value

Sueno makes ‘A good night’s sleep for everyone’ its New Year’s resolution for 2014 by slashing prices on top quality beds.

Luxury bed manufacturer and brand distributor, Sueno, has cut its prices across the board for the whole of January.

That means, everyone – even those on a budget – can benefit from beds and mattresses which score highly on both the comfort and style scales.

Mr Sacha of Sueno said,

“We are delighted to start 2014 off with our Winter Sale. This sale

Frank Hudson: A Customer’s Story

A range of beds that can breathe new life into any home

In my search for a bed that complements my luxury lifestyle, I have come across a wide range of styles and features, but none of them have matched Frank Hudson beds for sheer opulence. Crafted to exacting standards and featuring some exquisite design features, these stunning beds are guaranteed to deliver two benefits: a luxurious centrepiece for the bedroom and a good night’s sleep.

I don’t want a mass-produced bed

Healthopaedic Delivers Sleep Quality

What you really want in mattress is a great night’s sleep.

We all wonder what the secret to a deep contented sleep is. Shrugging off the day and getting a whole night of refreshing sleep sometimes seems like the search for the Holy Grail. With the Healthopaedic range of mattresses and divan beds from Sueno, you might just have found what you have been looking for.

Each Healthopaedic mattress in our fabulous range is designed to create a suitable sleeping environment

Upholstered Beds

Upholstered beds remain extremely popular for many of us out there. The concept of using upholstery in bedsteads is clearly not a new concept but the sales demand for these remain strong year-on-year. Anyone currently on the lookout will be pleasantly surprised to find a wide range of upholstered beds, in a variety of styles, fabric & materials to suit any budget be it large or small. Upholstered beds are available in varied looks, from the softer feel of the

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